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Testimonials and feedback 

A Million Thank You again for all Your support, time, care, love, attention, friendship, laughs, joy, peace, inspirations, lessons.....over the week.

You touch so many lives by helping even one person.


H.B West Cork 


I need to move forward now in my work and so glad of a mentor to guide me to restore my confidence 

Thank You Jozef

Rebalance and refocus as I`ve taken away all from chest mind thoughts. Hallelujah! Great Processing since I met You. Thank You Jozef

Kay Ireland 


You never lost faith in my beliefs....

Thanks You so much for your help. To you and each and every one. I learned a lot from each and everyone and including the horses, It was two days that remain in my subconcious each person, event opened new keyes I am my head....

Thank You Jozef for your guidance and reassurance. Thank You for your continued help, you never lost faith in my beliefs....

Patrick B. Cork 21.8.2022


5 Stars
I was interested to try Bodytalk for my 10 yr old son, suffering from Chronic Asthma.
Jozef engaged really well with my son who thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of the session.
Emotions released through the session meant I brought home a much more settled, relaxed child. 3wks after the session my son has not needed his inhaler for asthma, even after the flu. An experience I would highly recommend. I will be going back.
Thank you Jozef - Joanna Lewis co.Tipperary via Feedback Company eKomi 10.1.2020

4 Stars

Yes very happy with treatment as new experience for me, feel a Lot looser around my back and shoulders which I was hoping I would get relief from but overall session was a lovely experience. Definitely would recommend it and Jozef was extremely professional in explaining everything to me beforehand as I had never had this treatment before.
Miriam.H Dublin - after first massage treatment 8.1.2020 via professional feedback company eKomi


5 Stars

Jozef in my belief has to be the best individual that you can go to to get treatments to get back to good health.
I went to him for a variety of different ailments which the doctors of western medicine could not find a solution for.
And lo and behold Jozef treatments worked. I did change my diet as directed by Jozef, Energy with the right Nutrition really does work!
Also I had bad posture and my right knee was painful, with some Bio-energy and BodyTalk treatments, my posture has improved almost to the point of perfection and my right knee where i had the pain is now pain free, Jozef is amazing and I am recommending you to go to him, his goal is not only to cure what you come for but to cure your Whole Body and Mind and Soul!
I am so happy and satisfied ***, I just can't say enough good things about him!
J.McC co.Cork via feedback company eKomi

5 stars
I will recommended. I feel safe all time during hypnotherapy session,lots of emotions gone true my mind and feeling, but after I feel good and motivated, funny and weird is that I feel sick thinking about certain bad food,but I think that's very good as that can help me.
I.Z Portlaoise via feedback company eKomi

5 Stars Hypnotherapy
The session was very helpful in that I could relax feel safe and benefit from the letting go. I felt in control but yet was able to use the session to reach deep in my memory and thoughts. 
I feel another step has been taken forward and already have ideas.

Patricia McD Dublin12

20.11.2019 via feedback company eKomi

5 stars
I found the hypnotherapy with Jozef different to the last time, when I was hypnotized. He went to a much deeper level and the whole experience was much more enlightening. I would highly recommended these sessions.
G.T Tallagh - via feedback company eKomi

5 stars Hypnotherapy
Was very interesting, was abit curious about this, but I would highly recommend Jozef. - Edel Dublin 13 via feedback company eKomi

5 stars
I was really happy with my experience with the hypnosis, it was my first time ever doing it and it was amazing really great. I didn't really believe in it at first but I'm delighted I came put my life in my eyes different for the better off me and my family. I will be doing it again. I would recommend it to everyone.
Dona Dublin 2 - via feedback eKomi


At the beginning I was skeptical. I had a very bad pain in my right shoulder and awful headaches. I was feeling very down and had sleepless nights.

My first sessions with Jozef went really great, couldn`t relax at the start because mind was still running around, but as session went on it got easier clear my mind. That night I slept great.  I had a very good night after sleepless weeks. Couldn`t feel any better.  I felt happy after each session and shoulder pain slowly faded away I felt alive again no sleepless nights, awful headaches or shoulder pain and life seems brighter.

I couldn’t be more grateful to Jozef for what he has done and brought happiness and positivity in my life. His positive aspect of life is so addictive!

Linda G. Malahide



It was my first experience with BioEnergy and I found very positive and rewarding. I felt relaxed after each bio energy session and I could feel an increase in my energy levels.

After completing all the sessions I felt more energetic and my back pain was better than it was before

I could highly recommend Bio-Energy and Jozef

Sara R. Malahide


Very Powerful

Just wanted touch base to say it was great to meet you, and to thank you for the little healing/activation session you did with me outside the yoga barn. I had a sense of some things falling into place that afternoon, then later that night it was like a hundred light bulbs all going off at the same time. Very powerful
Renny, Australia

Best Deep Relaxation

I think the hypnotist was very professional and knowledgeable. One of the best deep relaxation session I ever had.

Girish I. Swords

Hypnosis for positive life changes

Jozef was very helpful in all sessions. It was different what I thought. Relaxing and feeling very good. It`s nice to go to your child memory. I was relaxing physically and mentally.

I would recommend hypnosis for positive life changes.

Monika M. Coolock

Very Helpful

Jozef was very helpful in informing on what we were going to be doing and how it was going to be done. I felt no pressure to reach anyone`s expectations but my own.

Came out of the session with more open look on things. I found it very helpful and enjoyed very much.

Jason C. Dublin

Solve the Problems 
You approach the client professionally and do it with passion.
The sessions at your place are very informative relaxing and most importantly solve the problems (if we want it), I always feel home and I am not afraid to talk about my problems.
I enjoy visiting you

Iwona O.


I Do Not Want Junk Food Anymore!

I was cynical before Hypnosis session, but man you got me!  I couldn't open my eyes or lifted my hands. I smelled horrible burning frying oil and bad taste of burger. I do not want them anymore!

Thomas F.


I Feel Good!

I feel good, definitely starting to feel myself again and stronger with more energy, have been sleeping a lot more too.

Thank you Jozef:)



Hypnosis is really working!

Just wanted to let you know this is really working! didnt have a takeaway this weekend 

for the first time in ages and I am craving fresh fruit and veggies!

Hey! I had turnip, sweet potato, carrots, peas, sweet corn and putting courgette, leeks, shitake mushrooms...loads really!

Beeing feeling so free from Food!


Dublin 15

Visit 5 Stars.

Very good thoroughly enjoyed, would highly recommend Jozef, very informative and my sister had gastric hypnosis, which she found fantastic well worth a visit 5 Stars.

Linda B.



Hi Jozef, I did ok with what you recommended, my mindset has changed & I my craving for sugary foods has reduced hugely. See you tomorrow at 4pm. 

M.H Artane 

Jozef is professional, kind, knowledgeable and I will return 4th consultation.

Maureen K.

Dublin 12

Good morning Jozef 

thank you so much for yesterday, I really appreciate the extra time and support you gave me. I feel a lot more content since I left you & my head is not as busy as it was. I have felt like a butterfly 🦋 for a while which is a lovely feeling....

So I have a challenging day in work ahead of me and I am ready to face it with a smile. 😀. Take care & thanks again 🙏🏻

H.M Dublin July 2020

5 Stars
I was happy and relaxed and looking forward to being able to make right choices something I would recommend to others.
- Valerie Dublin 13 via feedback company eKomi


What a wonderful person you are to do that for people,
Amazing kind hearted man, thank you,
I will definitely pass your number on,
I already sing your praises and not forgetting I have your book.

M.P Malahide 3.5.2020

Bed wetting 9 years old boy.

I was only thinking yesterday I should give you an update on Richard.. 😁😁He has stopped bed wetting, dry every night for a month. He just stopped overnight. 

J.L 5.5.2020

5 stars
Was really interesting for me and I would definitely be back!
- via feedback company eKomi


5 stars
Liked the way it opened my mind to the simplicity of the brain and how the unconscious mind can take over so going forward I look forward to using my conscious mind more and been more alert to what I want to achieve. Love the left and right door option in this programme. Would definitely recommend this therapy.
Paul B. Dublin 24- via Feedback eKomi


5 stars

Yes I was pleasantly surprised with the session. I wasn't sure if I was really open to it but I genuinely wasn't able to open my eyes..
Jozef is very passionate about this which is infectious too. I would recommend Definitely!
L.L feedback company- via eKomi

5 stars.
I was very unsure about hypnosis, I didn't think I could be hypnotized.. But the session was great I could hear everything clearly but at the same time I couldn't open my eyes until I was told too, and I tried.. I feel very relaxed now, hoping to do more sessions..
Maria D. Rathmines Thanks - via Feedback company eKomi

Yes I would recommend to my friends,it was very real and easy to follow!
via feedback eKomi

5 stars
Great experience in understanding how your mind works
Eilish N. Tallagh - via eKomi feedback company


I have met Joseph few years ago. As I remember he had always very positive influence on people.

This  time I felt much out of energy. Bit depressed.

I have had with Joseph five bio-energy sessions. After 3th session the old problem with my ear came back to me. I knew that the ear was never healed properly. So after 5th session the problem was solved. Also the pain in my lower back was gone.

I find Joseph very professional as a healer with good personality and knowledge. I couldn`t be happier with his service.

Konrad K., Ballymun



             for the PAST 25 YEARS.


I would like to send you some comments which I give you permission to pass on to help encourage some new client

My past seven weeks experience have been amazing at the hands of a amazing guy, at present I am gluten free and dairy free diet, and mostly sugar free having taken out all sweets, biscuits and the stuff My body once craved.  I found a struggle at the start,  now with a lot of support and recipes my body no longer craves sugar.  My energy levels are much better and I no longer suffer constant reflux , something I have struggled and suffered with for the past 25 years. Constipation was also a daily dread and kept my body very stuck. 

I now feel alive and well and on the road to recovery with a lot more support from Jozef I will continue this way of life  (not a diet)  


A big thank you

J. Walsh

       For the FIRST TIME, in a LONG TIME,

                       I FEEL GREAT

Good Morning,Jozef.

After I was with you last Thursday..and for the rest of the day. I had every symptom going on in my body that I started with. Before you treated me,Headace,Pain in stomach,

back pain,Tirdness,Diarrhoea,

And very Dizzy.

But friday and since then,Its like the bubble burst and for the first time, in a long time,I feel great and I feel im in good place. Im drinking your night almond mix. Now im dreaming,and as you said,That means Im going into a deep sleep.

Im also working on my lymphnodes and keeping my arm at bay. First I want to thank for having the patience with me over the last few weeks and I am looking forward to my next visit in October, when I come back from my holidays. I recommend you to everybody I talk to. And Im good at talking ,as you well know.

Thank you again

Best regards 



Straighten the posture

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and my body posture is nearly perfect. So a huge thank you.

John Mc. County Cork

My legs dont hurt anymore

I have so much energy than I used to have.

Thanx, my legs dont hurt anymore. No osteopath need next week.

God bless you

Barbera Belgium.

No Reflux!!

Hi Jozef

Body seem happy with food, no reflux. I just wanted to text a positive message.


Jimmy B. Swords

Continue Healing with Him!

This is kind of session where you walk out feeling great, refreshed and relaxed, ready to take on the world! I highly recommend Jozef and will definitely continue healing with him


I Highly Recommend It!

I had no previous experience of hypnosis and Josef explained everything very clearly. He is very easy to talk as a therapist. I had wanted to try hypnotherapy for a log time, but I was doubtful about its effects, I am not anymore.

I highly recommend It.



Recommend For Everybody!

Very good experience, Jozef open my eye`s in some ways in life what I didn`t touched. Definitely I`ll go again and recommend for everybody to wake up themselves and start living life with full potential.



I am delighted

Hi Jozef

I just wanted to check in with you and tell you I haven't eat any junk in 3 weeks since I was with you. I am delighted. Thanks again.

Michelle S.

Dun Laoghaire-Sallynoggin 

I slept so much better last night! Thank you

I never sleep deep more than an hour and I slept for nearly 2! and I always have over an hour of wake time and I had only 19 mins.

(from monitoring device Sleep stages)

Terry P.

Dublin 3

No Headache or Migraine So Far.

Just a week ago You did the treatment on me. Everything is good. No headache or migraine so far.

2 times a day I do cortices on your recommendation. 

I don`t seem to have more problems about radiation, but I still use the Iodine. 

I read the book, it's awesome. 

Miss Ireland and you guys from BodyTalk etc.

Don`t work to hard Jozef. Take some time to smell the roses.


Ontario Canada


Morning Jozef, I am much straighter & shoulders much better thank you. Slept really well too. Lovely to meet you too, read all your website after & you would inspire anyone. So looking forward to my next session on 7th

M.H Dublin 

Jozef, a big hearty thank you for your kindness & professionalism yesterday with my precious daughter xxx. Her time with you yesterday was so spiritual and healing. She is on a new journey of well being.

H.M Dublin

Dobré ráno Jozef, chystala som sa vám napísať a poďakovať. Na Lenke vidno zmeny. Je pokojnejšia. Reaguje úplne ináč na stresové situácie. Aj druhá dcéra si to všimla. Vidno tam zmeny. Teším sa z toho! Ďakujem a prajem pekný a úspešný deň.


Mama ( liečba 18ročnej Dcerky na dialku )

Hi Joseph ..
I had a lot racing through my head today some random some , positive and some not so . It may have been when you were working on it .. You certainly linking into my mind /body .As you were very precise about my work and everything worked out as well as my body .  .. 
I am keeping to the protocol . Watching what I'm eating and keeping to the diet and foods . I am conscious of my Breathing through my nose . Although in my sleep it may not be happening . I am doing meditation each and every night before I sleep  which does help me go to sleep as I am relaxed  . 
 I do feel tense around my chest so focusing on my breathing and did feel positive at times this is evening with bursts of energy at times which I didn't have before ... Thank you for your help

Thank you very much Joseph. 🤝. I am very Grateful for your help. 🗝️
Kind Regards 
Patrick B. co. Cork 25.11.2020

5 Stars

Super for visualizing where I'm going, seeing where I've gone wrong, able to get myself back on track when I fall off the wagon again.
Donna C. Rush - via feedback company eKomi

I would firstly like to thank you for the work you have done on me and words are not enough to explain the absolute miracle in my opinion of releasing the emotional trauma surrounding my brothers death. There is little work to be done here but only very little as I have accepted his death and moved on. So thank you.

C.B co. Meath

5 Stars

Amazing experience came with my best friend was so nice to do it together and to appreciate what we have in life - via feedback company eKomi

5 Stars

Very good experience. I felt it was tailored to what I needed. I was relaxed and Josef was very communicative to me throughout the process. I left with some recommendations to help me going forward. - via feedback company eKomi

5 Stars 

It was very relaxing and it opened my eyes to what the mind can Hide in the body for you . I highly recommend a session and further treatment - via feedback company eKomi


5 Stars
After my session I felt my mind has relaxed. More clarity.
My upper body flexibility has greatly increased, also a feeling of that my body has been rested more energy overall, Highly Recommend! J.C Droumillihy co.Cork - via feedback company eKomi

5 Stars

My first time to try anything like this. I found it very powerful. Will definitely take some good ideas from the session to apply every day.

Verified customer - via feedback company eKomi

5 Stars 

I would recommend this treatment for any woman my age which is 64

Insomnia-can`t sleep, ongoing problem since childhood.

I am doing fine and sleeping Great surprisingly.

M.P 67 years old 

4 Stars

My experience was amazing I felt totally comfortable and relaxed and motivated now

Verified customer - via feedback company eKomi


I am doing very good, thank you . Surprisingly that lockdown is good for my body cause i have more time for myself, exercises every day ,drinking celery juice every morning and feel great

K..U 29.4.2020


5 Stars

I really enjoyed this as I felt really relaxed and did not feel any pain during but I felt a lot of pain release after wards in my shoulders and neck and this is what I wanted!

Verified customer - via feedback company eKomi

5 Stars

Excellent session looking forward to the next

Verified customer - via feedback company eKomi

Jozef you achieved, what nobody before. I relaxed for the first time! and believe me I had so many massages in different countries. 

Valerie.K Swords 63 years old. 




After second session I felt strong energy going through my body, never experienced something like that before. I had a bad night sleep after that and Jozef explained why it’s happening. Then after next sessions I started to feel better and better. My energy level went up. I let go of my worries and become very peaceful and I am 100% sure that it happened after my sessions.

I definitely gonna do more healing sessions.


Highly recommend!

Liga K. Malahide




I have had the privilege of having a number of sessions with Jozef and I can truly say that he has the ability to ‘restore’ balance back into one’s life. On meeting Jozef for the first time I was intrigued by his in depth knowledge of nutrition, body energies and more. He has the ability to harness this expertise during his investigations resulting in a very personal solution-driven journey/path. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious and he has a genuine desire to reach out and connect to his clients. Above all else it is his openness and honesty that has led me to return. He is truly a great healer.

Kate R. Raheny

Finally Got Off Antidepresants 

Issues: Postnatal Depression, Antidepressants, feelings of not being able to take care of the baby emotionaly, fears of not doing enough.

Results: 4 sessions with Jozef. Felt improment after each one. The best was last one. 

I Finnaly got off antidepresnts and I am able to cope with daily obsticles of rearing a child ( curently 1 yer old)

Valeria G. Dublin

I can let go any negative thoughts easily

My Mind thoughts are quiter I can let go of any negative thoughts easly. I do have a sense of more healing integration happenings.

Feell awarness presence.

Lorreine D.Swords 


After few days I felt massive change

Hned za par dni jsem ucitila ohromnou zmenu

Chtěla bych moc poděkovat a doporučit p.Jozefa Jsem po operaci štítné žlázy a tak beru hormonální prášky které mě dělají velké potíže s břichem, psychikou a fobií.Dozvěděla jsem se o panu Jozefovi a napsala jsem mu můj problém.Hned mě odepsal že me rad pomůže.Hned po prvním sezení mě změnil stravu doporučil různé přírodní doplňky ke stravě a hned za pár dní jsem ucítila ohromnou změnu hlavně po psychické stránce.Bolesti břicha také ustoupili.Jozef je opravdu velmi hodný a ochotný člověk.Svoji práci miluje a bere to jako posláni od Boha.I po finanční stránce je velmi dobrý,.Veřím že mě zcela vyléčí a pomůže mi i s mojí fóbii.Byla jsem u něj na hypnóze a cítím změnu.A to jsme na začátku léčby.Dekuji,Pepo za vše co pro mě děláš a moc si vážím tvojí léčby.Jsi opravdu výjimečný člověk který tak rád pomáhá lidem s Boží láskou.Preji Ti hodně pacientů kterým pomůžeš jako mě, a dáš všem naději na brzké zlepšení problémů kterým lékaři nedokáží pomoci .Buh Ti žehnej,a přeji pokoj a dobro.Jeste jednou Ti moc děkuji za vše co pro mě děláš.Ewa

Ewa Waterford

Definitely Recommend 

It was my first visit and Josef was very kind and calm which helped me relax. He seems to have a very good knowledge of nutrition and the effects on the body. I would definitely recommend him and I will be going back to him

June H. Balrothery co.Dublin

Thank You Josef

I Have Really Enjoyed Our Session


Meanwhile we can`t afford 80e per session, but I will be in touch. I am getting into the depression now and might seek your help soon.I have really enjoyed our session. Thank You

Dianna with Husband


Jozef Helped Me to Come Out of It!

I had a serious depressing events in my life. Jozef not only helped me to come out of it, bus also taught me the true meaning of life. As he says-everything happens for a reason and yes it does.

Thanks Jozef for making my life hopeful. I can already experience some positive thing happening in my life. Happy Days! 



Bliss of relaxation during your treatment session, Absolutely Bliss 

B.V Malahide 

Dreams are more vivid after your Hypnotherapy and I am more mindful what I eat, les cravings..I FEEL BETTER. 

40years old women Malahide 

Highly Recommend. 

Had a great session with Josef. Would highly recommend.

Emma  C.


A really good and positive experience 

Michelle D.

Dublin 15

I am very pleased

Maura D.

Dublin 3 

It works!!! So happy.

Angela N.


Hi Jozef,

Mum's neck is improving. Thank you very much.

Caroline F. July 2020

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