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Your Consultation

The initial nutritional consultation and treatment session takes about 90 mins and costs €80.

Lymphatic drainage massage €80. 

Applied anatomy and physiology €80

Indian head massage (Upper back, neck, arms, hands, head, face) from €45 to €95

HiddenMind and Corrective Sound Therapy from €80

Energy with nutrition therapy session from €80

The initial hypnotherapy with nutritional consultation takes around 90 mins and costs €100

One session of gastric band weight loss hypnosis €100

Any hypnotherapy session €100

Remote or distance consultation €80 

An initial consultation at home or in your office is €100



Irish Life Health Insurance recognizes Nutritional Therapy consultations as part of selected health plans.


Therapy consultations may include

  • Discussing your diet, your current symptoms and health condition(s)

  • Blood pressure measurement, zinc test, etc.

  • Investigations into possible causes of your health problems and the role of energy and nutrition have in them.

  • Based on your unique requirements, a protocol will be developed that suits your lifestyle and will allow you to achieve your health goals. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and supplement recommendations.

  • A personalized “Health Improvement Plan” based on scientifically validated nutritional strategies.

  • A diet and lifestyle action plan that suits your time, budget and circumstances. You will receive some handouts with recipes and meal plans to support your unique needs.

  • Scientifically-validated functional testing where appropriate, including full analysis of results and action plan. 

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What to bring along?

Before the consultation, I can send you health and well being history form. You can complete it at home and bring with you in your session or fill it out in the clinic

I'll ask you to fill out 3-day food diary as well as details of any medication, supplements or herbal remedies that you are taking. Please write the details down or bring the bottles so that I can check the dosage levels.

Please include blood test results if relevant as well as your cholesterol and blood pressure levels in this diary.

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