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BodyTalk simple  explanation


Body Talk is an integrative Mind/Body Medicine which combines the Western and Eastern knowledge of Neuroscience, Anatomy and Physiology Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Yoga, Osteopathy, and Energy Psychology. The result is a non-invasive method to address many health problems safe for all ages.  

Body Talk System was initially developed by Dr. John Veltheim primarily out of personal necessity. He was running the Brisbane Collage of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies and a high-volume clinic in Brisbane, Australia. He was very busy man, helping and teaching while his own health was suffering.  He had chronic fatigue, was in constant pain and cramping. He contracted a strain of the Epstein Barr virus that did extensive damage to his liver and he was told by Western doctors that he might not live. He also sought out other experts and therapies, but nothing seemed to help. Then he came upon a technique that, quite literally, changed his life. He was healed.

Dr. Veltheim was obviously very excited about the result. He started to research and to examine why the technique worked. The technique was a precursor to the Body Chemistry technique that is now a part of the body talk protocol.

The Body Talk System is a dynamic methodology that is always undergoing new developments. One of the first major modifications is tapping over the heart complex to store the changes that tapping over the brain initiated. Dr. Veltheim found many applications for the tapping, using his background in alternative therapies such as applied kinesiology, bioenergetics psychology, osteopathy, sport medicine, counseling, as well as knowledge in comparative philosophy and theology.

BodyTalk philosophy is that every person has a unique balance that should be addressed. Once balanced, the client's own innate healing wisdom will successfully address specific symptoms and establish lasting patterns of good health.

The goal is to find the best, most dynamic point of balance within our body mind complex, so that we are able to respond to the issues life throws at us with ease and grace.

BodyTalk looks at whole person and the whole context of their life to address their health issues: physical, emotional, social and environmental stressors, genetic and epigenetic lifestyle factors.

Body Talk technique is getting positive results in a variety of conditions and disease.

Body Talk system is now taught on all five continents and in many different languages. I am very happy to do BodyTalk treatment in my clinic. 

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