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Hidden Mind and Corrective Sound Therapy


I'm a qualified HiddenMind and Corrective Sound Therapist.


I had the great privilege to study under Tom Griffin founder of The Hidden Mind Institute and author of HiddenMind book.


The HiddenMind Investigative Protocol is a verbal questioning of the subconscious mind of the client to identify the hidden causes of disease and symptoms. Questions come in the form of statements that are designed to elicit exact information stored in the subconscious mind of the client in regard to their physical, mental, emotional, chemical and spiritual being.  

This investigative protocol begins with physical observation of the client. The objective of the physical observation is to determine whether there is any physical deviation in structure of the body such as, one shoulder being lower then other, head tilted towards one side, deviation in the spine such scoliosis, kyphosis etc.

The second stage of the protocol checks whether the brain hemispheres have integrated fully. This function is paramount to good health. If one of the hemispheres is not integrated, this can indicate previous physical or emotional shock. In the case of children with special needs this can be an indicator of pre-birth or birth shock.

The third stage of protocol involves an investigation of cranial plates to see if they are articulating correctly. Then we check the cranio-sacral fluid pump. if is not working correctly, too much adrenaline is pumped into the brain. Then we check if there is any reflux in the body especially in the cerebrospinal fluid.

The HiddenMind Therapy is designed to continue investigating until all stored information is accessed, all probable malfunctions have been tested and the source of the problem has been identified.



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