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I am strong believer that almost all disease begins in the gut.


My journey began when I discovered I had been putting everything before my health and burned myself out.  I was working as a catering manager for a top catering/event companies in Slovakia. We were delivering top service for VIPs and celebrities. After working long hours, I began to develop excruciating pains in my knees. The pain was worse at night. This robbed me of much needed sleep and Idd wake up feeling exhausted. Then, I discovered painful boils all over my body. The GP claimed that he'd never seen such a thing. I was referred to an immunologist but still I had no answers. My blood tests were fine.


I began to take expensive supplements and creams promising brilliant results. I went to several doctors. They couldn’t find a reason why such a young man had such terrible knee pain. All X-rays showed no apparent cause. I was prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. They recommended that I changed my job as I was on my feet all the time making knee pain worse.

I was still complaining about the pain so I was prescribed stronger antibiotics and more powerful painkillers. This was my wake-up call. I didn't t want to live in pain and relying on pills to control it. I started to read books, listen to my body and changed my diet.  The result I obtained was amazing, no pain, and no pills. Even my face cleared of acne, which I still had in my late twenties.


I realised that my improved nutrition had made the difference but couldn’t explain the mechanism behind it. So I decided to study it. I went to the College of Naturopathic Medicine and became a Nutritional Therapist. There, I learned how to help people to become healthy. By putting research and knowledge together into practice, we can all get rid of disease.

Sadly many believe if the body is not functioning well, a magic pill will fix it.  A quick solution!  By the time, we reach old age, we can end up on meds for illnesses and more pills for the side effects of those meds. 

Everything is in our hands. We just need somebody to steer us in the right direction. I can help you with your health issues; motivate you to make little changes to improve your health. Start your health journey today!

PS: I did listen to my doctors and I changed my job. Now I am working full-time as a therapist.

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